Six Sweet & Silly Summer Songs

by Marina & The Specks

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Conceived and recorded in a few short sessions, one crazy month in Vancouver, BC.

May, 2016 to be exact. Just in time for Summer.


released June 16, 2016

All songs written by Marina Lagacé on her ukulele.

Album recorded and mixed by Ross Christopher Fairbairn
Co-produced by Ross Christopher Fairbairn and Marina Lagacé
String section in "Life On The Horizon" composed by John Kastelic
Mastered by Johnny Wildkat

Album artwork by Rene Linares

The Specks:
Leah Barley - Back-up vocals
Travis (T-Rav) Charuk - Guitar
Ross Christopher Fairbain - Piano
John Kastelic - Viola, Violin



all rights reserved


Marina Lagacé Vancouver, British Columbia

My Mama tells me I used to sing myself to sleep in my crib. I don't have much memory for those early years, but I can't really remember a time without music either.

Trained in musical theatre, opera and classical voice, it was only a few years ago I discovered I could sing with a rock band.

Now I'm composing my own songs. Inspired by the earth, friendship, love, community, life, death & cats.
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Track Name: Eye Yam
I am but a leaf on The Tree of Knowing
That I tend in my backyard
I am but a stone on the road to going nowhere
Fast and hard
I am but a seed, a little green waiting for a breeze
To take me far

Circle out to see the world reflected in me
Circle out to find the world I create in my mind

I am but an ant on the hill where we howled at the moon
Like wolves gone wild (x4)

I am but a bird in her nest after flying home to rest
Long days journey
I am but a string on this thing I hold in my hands
In my hands
I am but a stitch in the fabric of time
Of time

Circle out to see the world reflected in me
Circle out to find the world exists not just in mind
Track Name: In The Sweetness
Master of my own design
I pour myself a glass of unwind
Roll your memory up with weed
Tobacco leaves
I wear my pain
On my stained sleeves

You burn holes in my clothes
And my heart
Heaven knows
What's in store for us now

Now I'm torn
Been re-born
Shed some skin
I'll grow it in
Thicker somehow

Cuz there's enough time
To stoke the fire
And to move with the sweetness (x2)

Riding fast in the sun
As I pedal
Singing gentle songs
To push me on

I can move!
I can eat!
I can feel the heat!
Smell the grass on my skin
Here I find I've caught a ride
Now to open my eyes
Let myself begin

Track Name: My Musical Boots
I like the way your jeans hang off your hips
And I like the way you kiss me with your soft and gentle mouth
And I like to think of you as my musical muse
I like to think about what it would feel like to stand in your shoes

Cuz these boots are much too big
They're hard to fill
They do their honest best to crush my determined will
But you hold my hand
Remind me how to walk
I think I'll be dancing by the very next block

And I like the way you move with that sexy, funky stride
Though my heels slip with each step
I'll do my honest best to keep by your side
And if you stumble or fall or lose your grip
The power in these travelling souls will keep us both well equipped

Track Name: So Far
I woke and what did I see and hear
And who did I dress to be
And I saw and heard what I thought I'd see
The world I'd built around me
So tall

And I don't travel to find
The answers I seek are mine
And I know being away from home is how I grow
So tall
So tall

So I step out of my door and smack into the sight
Of a scaffold set on sinking sand yet built so high
So high

And I climb the wobbling tower
I climb it all the time

And I jump
Bored with the same old view
Knowing it's no longer true
The drawing I drew is smudging
Lines blurring
Lines running
I am running
So far
So far
Track Name: Life On The Horizon
Magnolia tree
Rain your petals on me
As the sea
As the sea tucks the sun into sleep

Sweet honey bee
Buzz your business at me
As the sea
As the sea tucks the sun into sleep

Wild and free
Riding street after street
Up and down
And around and around and around

Life on the horizon, as far as can be
I am so small, you can hardly see me